Open payments Плащане по открита сметка

Запознайте се с основните специфики на плащането по открита сметка. Той е предпочитан от вносителите и доста проблемен за износителите. Въпреки това има начин да балансирате риска

Import Procedures Import Procedures

Bulgaria, as a part of European union, have some ....... If you trade - import producst into EU, you must to know.... 

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BS Logistics Ltd. has a registered office in the city of Sofia and is specialized in the field of international transport and freight forwarding.

Our team of professionals operates with both our own transport vehicles and a great number of Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak and other transport vehicles, exclusively along the relations Poland – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Bulgaria and the other way round.

We have well-established partnership relations in the above-mentioned countries, with local transport and logistic centres.... read more