BS Logistics Ltd. has a registered office in the city of Sofia and is specialized in the field of international transport and freight forwarding.

Our team of professionals operates with both our own transport vehicles and a great number of Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak and other transport vehicles, exclusively along the relations Poland – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Bulgaria and the other way round.

We have well-established partnership relations in the above-mentioned countries, with local transport and logistic centres.

Along these relations, besides whole transport vehicles, BS Logistics Ltd. maintains weekly groupage lines, as well.

Together with the established partnership relations throughout Europe, our freight forwarding company possesses a very well developed logistic network in the territory of Bulgaria, as well.

We apply the latest information technologies in our everyday activities that enable us to track and control freights in any moment of their transportation.

The freights , transported by us, are under the coverage of CMR insurances in the amount, required by the CMR Convention.

The high professionalism and long experience of our employees are thoroughly directed in favour of our customers, thus providing adequate consultancy with reference to all problems, related to freights transportation and attached transport and customs documentation.


1839 Sofia, Bulgaria

337 "Botevgradsko shose" blvd.

+359 (2) 945 83 30 / 945 83 31 / 945 83 32;

fax:  +359 (2) 945 83 33